Dead Letter Club

the slow communication revolution

Tired of Twitter, txtspeak and emojis?  

A mash-up of creative writing, mystery parlour games and low commitment pen-pals.

Creative Writing via the lost art of letter writing.

Pick up a pen and let the ink flow.


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I ( build what I have dubbed, Creative Social Movements.

At the heart of my belief is that an individuals wellbeing is passed onto/into their community.  I believe social change and empathy is possible through creativity.  I know that people are too busy/nervous/ashamed/lazy to make time for themselves to just get creative and so I make the spaces and events to help facilitate this.  No more sitting at your kitchen table or desk staring at a blank bit of paper or blinking laptop.

Why did I build Dead Letter Club?

"People consume now more than ever in the history of the world. We eat more, we listen to more music, and we consume more information. 
However, we’ve also learned enough about consumerism to know it won’t make us happy.

Writing gives us a chance to turn the tides on consumerism. Rather than consume more, we can make something."

We use Twitter, text, snapchat, emojis, tinder, like buttons and canned responses as a way to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

What can be the result of this instant communication on our relationships, memories and creativity? 

"Letters are tactile. They beg for presence. The trick is in carving out the intentional time for it. 
When we craft that time, letter writing is an act of self care and intention - even when you don’t have a penpal to write to. Sometimes we just have to make that time."
-  Make Time

Dead Letter Club helps you find that time to be creative. To stop and be commitment free.  No more stuckness, anxiety, blockages, and procrastination.

We even provide you with a mystery pen-pal for the night. 


Next session: 



Film Night!

In this special film themed event we invite you to reprise a character from the movie and rewrites their story though the lost art of letter writing.

Which villian will you write too, or are you the villian?!  Love letters between Batman and Mary Poppins, or correpsondence from Steve Zissou to Royal Tenenbaum?  How bout O-Ren Isii and Vincent Vega put pen to paper?

*****PLEASE NOTE*****
It's important for participants to arrive by start time - 7pm and stay for the course of the correspondence. 
Don't ditch your pen-pal by leaving early. 

 Doors at 6pm. 
Writing from 7pm - 9pm (ish)