Dead Letter Club

the slow communication revolution

Tired of Twitter, txtspeak and emojis?

A mash-up of creative writing, mystery parlour games and low commitment pen-pals.

Building Creativity and Community via the lost art of letter writing.

Pick up a pen and let the ink flow.


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A space where creative writing, mystery, parlour games and low commitment pen pals collide.

It’s now standard to express ourselves through the immediacy of emojis, GIFs, and lols. 

We ask, what might be lost because of this?

 Dead Letter Club is our answer.  

“Dead Letter Club was one of the most genuinely creative, powerful and beautiful experiences I've ever taken part in.”  
Gemma Jones, Craft Victoria

Dead Letter Club is a high concept game played by YOU.  

A response, and a call, to restore balance to our lives being lived through a little screen and a scrolling thumb.  

Assume your nom de plume and through our secret postal service you will correspond with others in the room over the evening remaining unknown to each other. 

Until the end that is.  

We have hundreds of prompt cards for those awkward moments of writers’ block! 

“Dead Letter Club is an evening of unbridled imagination and creative wonder convened under the watchful eye of a badass witch babe.”  
Kat Skull, ARDOCH

Dead Letter Club is a Creative Social Movement built by Melbourne's cheerleader for creativity, Melanie Knight, and is now finding its way across cities around the world.  


Need Dead Letter Club in your city?
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